Founder and Director –

Dr Varun Prakash Sharma M.B.B.S, MD (Anasthesia)

Estaa medical Centre is a distinctive vision of Dr. Varun Prakash Sharma– who firmly believes in Sarve Santu Nirāmayāḥ – May all be free from Illness and whose mission is to provide good medical facility to all irrespective of their sociol-economic back ground.

Message from Founder

Ever since I joined medical college, I dreamt of serving mankind by providing medical faculty to everyone in need at an affordable price. Estaa Medical Centre is my first step towards accomplishment of my dream turning into reality.

As founder of Estaa Medical Center, I pledge to deliver best healthcare to everyone from all walks of life at lowest possible cost .My dedicated team of doctors, nurses and support staff will ensure that patient is treated well and is happy and satisfied.

I sincerely wish health and happiness to all my patients and their family members.