Health Packages

Estaamedical Centre network brings to you well-designed blood test packages to identify and diagnose varying health conditions and ailments. Health check-up packages such as the True Test Screen includes 8 different tests at a reasonable price to monitor overall health. We also offer special weekend care kidney, liver and diabetes packages, heart care packages, extensive full-body check-ups and many more, all of which are carefully curated to assess varying health conditions.


Today, everyone across the globe understands the significance of a regular general health check-up to pre-empt any underlying illnesses or health conditions. The basic health package or blood test packages offered at Aster Labs is a great way to take corrective measures at an early stage and prevent any major health problems in the future. Even if you are above 30 years of age, you must do a general health check-up once in a year. It is generally recommended that senior citizens should ideally go for one of the full-body health check-up packages every 6 months.